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Certified Sweeps Chimney Professionals specializes in the repair and restoration of fireplaces or service chimneys in older homes.

Over time, as the brick and the mortar of your chimney decays, it will eventually need rebuilding. Rebuilding can be done from the roofline up or from the ground up depending on the extent of the repairs needed.

Ceritifed Sweeps is generally able to match the original color and style of the existing brick on the chimney or home.

Components of a Masonry Chimney
  1. Flu (Shown with clay liners)
  2. Smoke Chamber
  3. Smoke Shelf
  4. Fireplace or Firebox
  5. Ash Pit
  6. Lintel
  7. Hearth Extension
  8. Face Wall
  9. Mantel
  10. Fireplace Chimney
  11. Crown or Wash
  12. Chimney Cap
  13. Chimney
  14. Thimble or Breech
  15. Cleanout Door
Perhaps your chimney just needs some preventative maintenance; a bit of tuckpointing to replace the mortar between the brick which has decayed over time or a clean-up of the metal flashing along the base of the chimney at the roofline.

Certified Sweeps can color-match your chimney flashing to the color of your shingles or facia.


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1798 E. State Road 18
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