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When wood is burned, not all the smoke escapes from the chimney. Some will cool down and become solid, producing creosote.

Sweeping the chimney removes this flammable creosote residue. Further, creosote is corrosive to the flue tiles in the chimney and can cause unpleasant odors in your home. Ideally, the chimney should be swept in the spring time just after the winter burn season is over.

A truly scary aspect of chimney fires is that they often occur without the homeowner's knowledge. Chimney fires tend to happen most often within a short time of adding wood to a burning fire or upon lighting a new fire. Often people heating with wood are adding fuel to the fire before going to bed or leaving for work and are unaware that the chimney has caught fire.

All chimneys need to be inspected yearly and cleaned when needed. Oil soot is less flammable than wood residues but can cause blockages that allow carbon monoxide and other fumes to back up into the living space of your home.

Improperly sized gas flues are a leading cause of severe damages to chimneys and walls which also can allow deadly fumes to enter your home. Leaves, birds, animals and other intruders can also cause blockages that can inhibit proper draft.
Master Chimney Sweeps, Jim Pritchett began Certified Sweeps, Chimney Professionals almost 20 years ago. In that time he has cleaned, rebuilt and installed thousands of fireplaces, chimneys and wood stoves. Certified Sweeps is the most reputable Chimney Sweeping service, serving the greater Lafayette area.


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