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Your chimney may look good on the outside, but have hidden dangers on the inside.

Damaged chimney liner? HeatShield® can restore your chimney’s clay flue liner and save you the expense of rebuilding or relining with a stainless steel chimney liner. HeatShield® is a chimney liner repair system that eliminates the hazards and draft problems caused by gaps, cracks and spalling in otherwise sound masonry chimneys.

HeatShield® Restores the Integrity of Your Chimney
HeatShield® is a specially formulated “Cerfractory®” sealant material that restores the integrity of your chimney’s flue. It eliminates the dangers in your chimney caused by gaps, cracks and spalling for years to come. By using either the Joint Repair System or Resurfacing System, depending on the defects found, your chimney will be restored to its original peak level of safety and efficiency.

HeatShield® Takes the "Heat"
Developed in Europe over 20 years ago, HeatShield’s® Cerfractory® technology is a hybrid (ceramic/refractory) coating and has been proven to withstand moisture, corrosive flue gases and temperatures in excess of 2900°F. HeatShield® has been independently tested. It exceeds all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Outlines of Investigation for chimney repair and resurfacing products. View more info about HeatShield® technology and testing.

Your Chimney Expertly Repaired
As an independent HeatShield® installer, Jim Pritchett has been carefully selected based on his industry certifications and experience. Armed with factory training and specially designed tools, Jim Pritchett can expertly repair your chimney. Special video cameras are used to verify completed repairs.



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