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There are a wide variety of gas fireplace insert styles, ranging from sleek, modern to quaint old-fashioned and traditional designs. Gas inserts have the charm of a ‘real' wood-burning fireplace along with the convenience of natural gas or propane. Gas fireplace mantels in oak, cherry and other fine woods are also available to complement your gas fireplace.

A Convenient Choice
The most attractive characteristic of a gas fireplace is its “instant-on” ability. There are those who love the experience of chopping kindling, building a small pile on some paper, and painstakingly lighting a wood fire – but for the rest of us, an instantly warm gas fireplace allows the enjoyment of dancing flames on our own schedule. Gas fireplace inserts can also be thermostatically controlled to keep the room it is in from becoming too warm and tricking your furnance into making the rest of the house cold.

Gas Logs
Gas logs are gas fireplace inserts that can be turned on and off just as quickly and easily as a complete gas fireplace, and allow the use of your existing fireplace with minimal modification. Most gas fireplaces require electricity in order to automatically ignite. However, many come with the ability to manually start the fire with a match or other source of ignition in case of power outages.
Gas fireplaces are available for recessed or wall mounted installation, which means that they can be installed as a retrofit in a traditional fireplace enclosure, or in some cases even installed ON a wall with minimal penetration. This can be extremely important in some applications, such as apartment installations where space is at a premium, and cutting large chunks out of walls may not be an acceptable option. Gas fireplaces are so small and modular that some are even approved for installation in mobile homes.

While wood burning fireplaces and stoves require more stringent guidelines to meet building codes, gas-burning fireplaces and stoves are far more flexible and can be placed on nearly any wall or in the center of a room.

Certified Sweeps Chimney Professionals will help you choose and install your gas fireplace insert. Master Chimney Sweep, Jim Pritchett has the experience as a pipefitter and electrician to install the necessary gas lines and required electrical connections to make your gas fireplace installation a worry free experience.


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