Economical and Environmentally Friendly
HeatShield® is an “Eco” friendly product manufactured from recycled and natural occurring materials. HeatShield® offers a less costly alternative to rebuilding your chimney or installing a new liner.

20 Year Limited Warranty
With HeatShield® you will have the assurance of knowing your chimney is made safer and more efficient. Whether your chimney requires repair of defective mortar joints or complete resurfacing, HeatShield® is covered by a 20 year material warranty. Ask your HeatShield® professional for details

Joint Repair System
For chimneys that only require repair of gaps caused by defective mortar joints, the Joint Repair System is used with a video camera attached to verify repairs.

First, a special foam applicator blade is custom made to fit your chimney. The applicator tool and blade are then plunged down your chimney and positioned below each gap or void.

The HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant mixture is added. Each void in your flue is filled as HeatShield® mixture is extruded into the void by the tool. Your repaired void is then made smooth as the blade passes over the filled void as the tool is pulled upward.

Your repair is then immediately scanned with a specially designed video camera attached to the bottom of the tool. Your professional HeatShield® Installer then verifies that each gap or void has been properly repaired as it is immediately viewed on the cameras monitor.

Resurfacing System
To restore your chimney’s flue by resurfacing the interior, a custom made foam applicator plug is placed at the bottom of the flue and attached to a winch on top the chimney.

First, a “tie coat” material is applied to the flue walls as the plug is pulled upward by the winch. The “tie coat” cleans any remaining dust in your flue and acts as a primer for the HeatShield® Cerfractory® Flue Sealant.

After the tie coat dries, the HeatShield® material is then applied onto the flue at a thickness of about ¼” with the foam plug as it is pulled upward by the winch. This unique application method is known as “slip casting” or “slip cast extrusion”.

Your Certified Sweeps HeatShield® Installer then verifies that your newly restored chimney is completely sealed and smoke-tight by video scanning your completed repair.